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Happy New Year 2018

Starting with a bang?

The New Year may start with a bang for many party goers. I don’t feel resolutions should fall on just this day, but everyday. We should always strive to improve. The past shaped who we are now, the moment is the catalyst for the future we desire. For me, the New Year slipped past, quietly, unnoticed. I prefer the rhythmic cycle of the seasons and the moon rather than dates and numbers.

The moon this month was a super moon, the Wolf Moon, or the moon after Yule. At the end of January, we’re in for the treat of a Blue Moon, but it will be blood red due to a lunar eclipse.

Obligatory Brit talking about the weather part

The season, here in the bleak northern coast of Cornwall at least, is stormy. Depression after depression pummels the coastline like a fist, with little respite. The wind knifes the cliffs, moaning through the cracks like an old man. Rain hammers on window panes, sneaks through the gaps in my coat and discovers new holes in old shoes.

The calm, azure sea from the tourist photos dissapear. Replaced by an angry, seething spray of white flecked foam. The blue turns steely, a green grey, which echos in the bruised clouds above. Waves crash the shoreline, a never ending roar in the ears of those who decide to live by the coast.

It is exhilarating, standing at the edge where the land and sea meet. After a few months it becomes a bit tedious. But I have a passion for photography. When the storm clouds roll in I run out with my camera to capture the raw force of nature.

Capturing photographs and words

Photography is an area I’ve been neglecting of late. I met my husband through our shared interest in photography. Many places I photograph hold good memories. My equipment is a good ten years old now, but it still does the job.

A red sunset taken from Bude Breakwater Cornwall
Sunset taken from the breakwater, Bude, Cornwall

The bleak weather has meant more time to devote to writing and editing.  I bit the bullet and sent my current draft of book one of my trilogy to my mum. I’m quietly freaking out over this fact and I know she’ll be honest in her feedback. She’s not one to sugarcoat the truth.

To keep myself occuipied, I’m putting the bones together for the other two book in the trilogy, and I’ve set my reading challenges for the year.

The subject of the growing TBR pile

I do love fantasy and historical fiction. I have a massive TBR pile, which I plan to get my teeth into. I’m thirty-five this year so that’s my aim in books to read. They’re not all fiction. I have history books from the likes of Mary Beard and Tom Holland to read. There are cookbooks too, and the marriage of writing and food is always a pleasure to read. Though I tend to stop reading and end up baking midway due to hunger pangs. I’m also on the lookout of books in different genres. My sister brought me a book subscription which sends you tea and Penguin Classics. Not something I would immediately pick up off the shelf but it’s now on mine and there to devour.

I’m also, as it is obvious since you’re here reading this, updating my blog. I also have a few things for my Twitter followers to look forward to.

Have you made any resolutions? Do you think they’re a waste of time? What’s your writing and reading goals for the year?

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