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There is a deep sense of accomplishment in creation. In taking a handful of raw materials, you can make something unique and personal to you. Something no one else can replicate.

If you have a passion for expression, then you will understand me. For those who don’t, perhaps something here will invoke the spark of creativity inside you.

The name

Rainy Day Writing came about because the Cornish climate is temperamental and it feels like it rains… a lot. Rainy days are good days for cosying up indoors to write (and drink copious amounts of tea).

A little about me

Let’s begin with the obvious; I am an introvert. I enjoy silence and solitude, or the company of one other where we can talk of anything and everything. Noise, crowds, egos, stretch me thin and leave me exhausted. We all have voices, except mine is a soft spoken one, and I needed to find a platform for it.

I was never the cool kid at school. The age gap between my sister’s meant we were at different stages of growing up and into different things. I found a good friend in imagination. I met people in the pages of books. I rarely remember my dreams when I sleep because I spend so much of my waking day daydreaming.

I grew up with an interest in the earth and an interest in people, history and mythology. I stuggle to express myself through conversation and I discovered through writing and art, my quiet voice could become so much louder.

Overtime, I found the best way to still my busy imagination was to write. Each night, I empty the day into my diary, and I began to note down the stories in my head. For years, I toyed with them. I attempted NaNoWriMo a few times, but ultimately failed. But one day I said to myself, I will write a fantasy novel. I succeeded NaNoWriMo that year, and have succeeded it ever since. That novel is going through the rewrites and two more books are emptying from my head to page to make a trilogy.

My love of art developed into a passion for landscape photography, in which I met my husband, Neil. We still continue to take photos around our home by the Cornish coast and in Wales when we get the chance to visit.

When I’m not writing or taking photos, I enjoy cooking. For me, it’s another place to let my creativity run wild. I find it so much fun and rewarding.

Finally, when I want to escape, I dive into the pages of a book. The pages and posts here are about me, because we all have our stories to tell. We all see the world in a different way, and we all have the potential to create.