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    February Reads

    Good weather has led to a slower pace in February’s reads. My birthday also meant new books and one which I am savouring. I set the goal to read 52 books in 2021. A book a week seems doable. However, I don’t want to rush a book for the sake of hitting my target. I may read less, I may read more, but I want to read well. Landmarks – Robert Macfarland  This book took me unawares because my copy came with no synopsis. On the covers and within those first pages includes 24 reviews and 15 references to people/organisations saying it is their book of the year. Sounds promising!…

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    Searching for the Plot

    Writing is a unique process. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. I begin with a basic plot with a few key scenes which act as waymarkers. I pants along in the first draft, allowing the characters to take shape. It’s not a quick means of writing. Typically I end up rewriting much, but it fleshes out the characters who drive the story.  In a conversation with another writer friend, we talked about one of her characters searching for something. Ah, the good old quest! I like these. What would they encounter? Who would help them? Where would they go? So many choices!  Wouldn’t it be great…

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    January Reads

    2020 put the breaks on my reading with Covid combined with the purgatory of trying to move house during lockdown. For 2021, I aim to read 52 books. Here is January’s haul.

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    Plot or Pants?

    Are you a plotter or a pantser? Or do you utilise a bit of both? Ultimately we are all unique individuals and what works for one may not work for another. I’ve been thinking about the two methods and seeing which works best for me. Pants for the characters When I look back on the books I’ve read, especially those from over a decade, it’s the characters who I recall while the plot fades into a vague synopsis. I like to put a lot of effort into fleshing out my characters and this is where pantsing comes into its own. The characters are key. If the plot was a car,…

  • My Wildflower Meadow

    New Home, New(ish) website

    At the end of July we moved from the windy North Cornish coast to the southern side of Mid-Cornwall. Although we’re only a few miles from the town and the coast, we’ve swapped a terrace for a 200yr old granite stone cottage in the middle of a wooded valley. My noisy DIY obsessed neighbours are replaced by the hum of bees, the conversation of the nearby stream and the nosy robins who follow me around our acre of land. Come nightfall, the tawny owls duet to one another and the foxes scream.  This move is quite a gamble for us professionally, a well earned tonic mentally, and knackering physically (there’s…

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    A walk on Bodmin Moor

    Self-care and a book idea Out on the wily windy moors I certainly didn’t ‘roll and fall in green’ as Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights proclaimed. More like, roll and fall in the mud. Bodmin Moor in the winter (certainly, in any month of the year) can be summarised in one word: wet.  The worn passages, made by man and beast, resemble trickling streams. These small tributaries shine like silver in the watery sunlight, nestled between tussocks of yellowing grass and scattered granite. However, the atmosphere on the day I decided to walk the moors was unusual. The golden light from the low winter sun had cooled to a blue tone.…

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    Thomas Hardy’s Cornwall

    I must admit, I’m not the keenest of fans on the classics such as Thomas Hardy. Yet, after watching every conceivable adaptation of Far from the Madding Crowd, I gave the book a go. The impetus was also spurred on by the fact my dad keeps sheep.   After this, I kept seeing Hardy everywhere.   What will we do this weekend?   First Love   During a favourable May, Mr Cox and I visited Boscastle in search of spring flowers in the Valency Valley. We walked the woodlands and visited the curious Minster Church, with the gravestone of the unjustly condemned witch knows as the “Fighting Fairy Woman of…

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    Portraying the emotion of curiosity

    Emotions can’t be told. They have to be shown #FeelLines runs every Thursday on Twitter. The weekly theme is based on an emotion. The aim is to show a line where a character in your writing expresses this emotion.  Definition: curiosity (about something) | curiosity (to do something) a strong desire to know about something. Expressing the emotion of curiosity Ah! Something has piqued the interest of our main character, compelling them to investigate.  Curiosity fuels plots A curious mind goes places. Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s curiosity led down the rabbit hole. Curiosity leads Bathsheba to meet Sergeant Troy in the hollow amid the ferns in Far from the Madding Crowd.…

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    #FeelLines,  Write

    Portraying the emotion of scorn

    Emotions can’t be told. They have to be shown   #FeelLines runs every Thursday on Twitter. The weekly theme is based on an emotion. The aim is to show a line where a character in your writing expresses this emotion.   The definition of scorn   The definition of scorn is a feeling and expression of contempt or disdain for someone or something.   A favourite emotion employed by the bullies and those who think themselves better than others.   Putting our characters into houses.   We make a habit of compartmentalising personality traits and we have been doing it for a long time.   Ayurveda developed over three-thousand years…

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    Portraying the emotion of anxiety

    Emotions can’t be told. They have to be shown   #FeelLines runs every Thursday on Twitter. The weekly theme is based on an emotion. The aim is to show a line where a character in your writing expresses this emotion.   Expressing the emotion of anxiety   The definition of anxiety is the state of feeling nervous or worried that something bad is going to happen.     Anxiety is a common emotion that we will all feel during our lives. It is the state of fear from the anticipation of a real or imagined threat, event or situation.   The perception of the threat can be from an internal…