• Photograph of a shoe cappuccino coffee cake

    Cappuccino coffee cake recipe – a caffeinated cake to fuel writers everywhere

    Do a search online for “cappuccino coffee cake recipe” and you might end up on a food blog. Here you’re forced to scroll through paragraph upon paragraph of how life has recently been treating this blogger (peppered with teaser photos of said cake from every conceivable angle possible) before you finally get to the damn recipe. This irritates me. Caffeine, the fuel for writers everywhere! So, without further ramblings, here is the recipe for my cappuccino coffee cake. The magic of this cake is the filling, which gives the cake a creamy lightness, and you’re not immediately gagging for a cuppa because your teeth are aching from the sugar quantity.…

  • A photo of my lovely cookies
    Bake,  Read

    Tea, books and a cookie recipe to indulge in

    Tea, books and a cookie, what a trio of loveliness. Who could want more? I’ve read a fair few recipe/food blogs in my time and tend to go along the vein of a lot of faff to start with, punctuated with photos of the same thing they’ve baked at every possible angle. Eventually, after much scrolling, you’re rewarded with the recipe! Therefore, you get the recipe first, because it’s what I’d have wanted. If you read what’s after then thank you, but if you’re just here for the food then I understand.