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    February Reads

    Good weather has led to a slower pace in February’s reads. My birthday also meant new books and one which I am savouring. I set the goal to read 52 books in 2021. A book a week seems doable. However, I don’t want to rush a book for the sake of hitting my target. I may read less, I may read more, but I want to read well. Landmarks – Robert Macfarland  This book took me unawares because my copy came with no synopsis. On the covers and within those first pages includes 24 reviews and 15 references to people/organisations saying it is their book of the year. Sounds promising!…

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    January Reads

    2020 put the breaks on my reading with Covid combined with the purgatory of trying to move house during lockdown. For 2021, I aim to read 52 books. Here is January’s haul.

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    Happy New Year 2018

    Starting with a bang? The New Year may start with a bang for many party goers. I don’t feel resolutions should fall on just this day, but everyday. We should always strive to improve. The past shaped who we are now, the moment is the catalyst for the future we desire. For me, the New Year slipped past, quietly, unnoticed. I prefer the rhythmic cycle of the seasons and the moon rather than dates and numbers. The moon this month was a super moon, the Wolf Moon, or the moon after Yule. At the end of January, we’re in for the treat of a Blue Moon, but it will be…

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    Assassin’s Fate Review and meeting Robin Hobb

    As my tagline is ‘Read, Write, Bake.’ I spent last weekend partaking in the former. Saturday 6th May I visited Waterstones bookshop in Plymouth and finally had the chance to meet Robin Hobb at her book signing. The following Sunday and Monday I read it. It’s taken me till now to come to terms with the perfect ending to a wonderful series and review Assassin’s Fate.

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    Tea, books and a cookie recipe to indulge in

    Tea, books and a cookie, what a trio of loveliness. Who could want more? I’ve read a fair few recipe/food blogs in my time and tend to go along the vein of a lot of faff to start with, punctuated with photos of the same thing they’ve baked at every possible angle. Eventually, after much scrolling, you’re rewarded with the recipe! Therefore, you get the recipe first, because it’s what I’d have wanted. If you read what’s after then thank you, but if you’re just here for the food then I understand.