My Wildflower Meadow

New Home, New(ish) website

At the end of July we moved from the windy North Cornish coast to the southern side of Mid-Cornwall. Although we’re only a few miles from the town and the coast, we’ve swapped a terrace for a 200yr old granite stone cottage in the middle of a wooded valley. My noisy DIY obsessed neighbours are replaced by the hum of bees, the conversation of the nearby stream and the nosy robins who follow me around our acre of land. Come nightfall, the tawny owls duet to one another and the foxes scream. 

This move is quite a gamble for us professionally, a well earned tonic mentally, and knackering physically (there’s always something to tackle in the garden). The process in getting here was… interesting, due to COVID and lockdown measures meant the move was delayed by two months. However, we’re here and we’re getting into some sort of routine of our new normal and I am claiming back a few hours here and there to dedicate to my writing, and also this blog. Since I have new digs, I’ve updated the look and I will endeavour to write more regularly here over the coming months. I have neglected this space and I need to work out what I want it to be. A fun space for my musings? Or something more serious? 

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