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The Weaver – Short Story

‘The Weaver is blind tonight,’ my father said. My father rarely told stories. But there is another reason why this telling has been burned and committed to my memory. He looked old that night....

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Happy New Year 2018

Starting with a bang? The New Year may start with a bang for many party goers. I don’t feel resolutions should fall on just this day, but everyday. We should always strive to improve....

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and Goodbye to Shimi, the Dalmatian

I hoped to have blogged about something else. Two weeks after my cat died, my Dalmatian has too. I’d never had a dog before. Cats had always been a constant while growing up. There’d...

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Assassin’s Fate Review and meeting Robin Hobb

As my tagline is ‘Read, Write, Bake.’ I spent last weekend partaking in the former. Saturday 6th May I visited Waterstones bookshop in Plymouth and finally had the chance to meet Robin Hobb at...

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Helen Duncan’s poems of nature

As estranged from nature as we’ve become, I find you can’t help but become enraptured by spring. I’ve picked two poems penned by my great grandmother who loved to write about nature. One is...

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Prompts, and a short story on Copper and Blood

I thought it was high time for another short story filled with copper and blood. Sometimes you can’t face your current work in process and prompts are a good method of taking your writing down a different path. Often than not, they tend to wander back to familiar territory.