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    February Reads

    Good weather has led to a slower pace in February’s reads. My birthday also meant new books and one which I am savouring. I set the goal to read 52 books in 2021. A book a week seems doable. However, I don’t want to rush a book for the sake of hitting my target. I may read less, I may read more, but I want to read well. Landmarks – Robert Macfarland  This book took me unawares because my copy came with no synopsis. On the covers and within those first pages includes 24 reviews and 15 references to people/organisations saying it is their book of the year. Sounds promising!…

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    New Home, New(ish) website

    At the end of July we moved from the windy North Cornish coast to the southern side of Mid-Cornwall. Although we’re only a few miles from the town and the coast, we’ve swapped a terrace for a 200yr old granite stone cottage in the middle of a wooded valley. My noisy DIY obsessed neighbours are replaced by the hum of bees, the conversation of the nearby stream and the nosy robins who follow me around our acre of land. Come nightfall, the tawny owls duet to one another and the foxes scream.  This move is quite a gamble for us professionally, a well earned tonic mentally, and knackering physically (there’s…

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    Helen Duncan’s poems of nature

    As estranged from nature as we’ve become, I find you can’t help but become enraptured by spring. I’ve picked two poems penned by my great grandmother who loved to write about nature. One is about springtime and the other is about Dartmoor, a rugged moorland in Devon.